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Corn gluten meal is a byproduct of the corn syrup production; it is edible and is most commonly used in animal and pet feed as an inexpensive protein source. Corn gluten meal was first patented as a weed control by Iowa State University and Dr. Nick Christians in 1991. Even though the word “gluten” is used in the product name there is neither gliadin nor glutenin in corn gluten meal.

Corn gluten meal has been a tool used by Organo-Lawn and organic gardeners as a natural weed control for many years, but many people still struggle with getting consistent results.

Product Range


We provide the best quality of Maize Seed to the patrons.

Soybean Seed

We are top supplier of soybean seed.


Our DDGS are highly digestible and lowers toxicity.

Fish Meal

Our Fish Meal quality is the best quality.

Poultry Meal

We are the top supplier of poultry meal.

Fish oil

Our fishe oil is high quality.


Our l-lysine product is good quality.


Our l-threonine is a best quality product.


We have the best sourcing of monocalcium phosphate.


Our dicalcium phosphate is food grade quality.

DL Methionine

Dl methionine is essential for humans. We provide the best quality of it.

Sodium Bicarbonate

We have the top quality of sodium bicarbonate product.

Chlorine Chloride

Best Chlorine chlorid for cleaning and purifying.


Growth and maintenance for humans.

Mould Inhibitor

Best Mould Inhibitor for animal feed.

Palm Kernel Meal

Our Palm Kernel Meal are Natural, fresh and Long shelf life.


We are providing a wide gamut of Wheat Grain.

Soyabean Meal

Rich aroma, strong attractant and better palatability,

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About Us

RS canbario inc” is a importers, wholesalers and buyers around the globe. We export only the top products. Every year RS CANBARIO INC makes significant investments in seed and product trials which underpins our on-going customer commitment.

We continue to explore new markets and territories, identifying the demand of its buyers, and delivering best quality products, on time, and at very competitive rates.

Building it better in concrete.

Our Team

We are supported by a team of adroit professionals who work round the clock. They work in close association with the clients and take care of all their needs.

Besides, they keep a strict tab on the market to ensure that only best quality Seeds and spices and herbs and husk are produced and distributed to the clients

Our professional business managers each responsible for the further development of key business areas to ensure that RS CANBARIO INC remains at the forefront of all developments in the individual markets served